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Supporting the living viticultural heritage of ungrafted vineyards in Cyprus


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Representation et identité de vignobles a la Cité du Vin

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Pérennisation des vignobles non greffés face aux défis de la subsistance rurale et du stress climatique sur la biodiversité.

Published on December 29, 2022 by Evoinos Admin

Le collectif concerté d'aujourd'hui cherche à mieux comprendre comment sa spécificité locale basée sur des cépages authoctones, ses vignobles francs de pied et des sols anciens peuvent encore mériter d'être préservée et pérennisée, face aux...


As a knowledge frontier,

where ancient soils of the eastern Mediterranean, endemic ungrafted vineyards and first civilization winemaking have still lots of secrets to reveal.

Across the Ages and across the world, whether mythical, sacred, religious or magical, the culture of wine has been a source of inspiration in both past and present – the culture of wine has shaped manking and the way we live. 
Decades of entrepreneurial work by a few pioneers have revived quality and restored characteristic winemaking to pre-industrial levels, elevating Cyprus wine-producing regions with regional distinctiveness.

Today’s concerted collective seek to further understand how its local distinctiveness based on ancient varieties, vineyards and soils can further merit preservation and perpetuation, confronted with the grand challenges of rural sustenance and climate stress onto biodiversity.

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