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Grant #57869 to COP26 Fundraiser

Grant application to facilitate transfer to Caroline Wambui Gacheru for attendance to UN Corruption conferance

Grant #57869

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Dec 9, 2021

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 Name; Caroline Wambui Gacheru

 Country; Kenya


I am an activist and a climate change Journalist. I saw the importance of breaking down the scientist language on matters climate to a language that my community can was an intentional decision, for the community to feel the impact of climate change and understand the urgency of solving the issue.

I am the group leader of XR Nairobi the capital city of Kenya and also a volunteer in XR communication team. I assist in translating XR video clips from English to Kiswahili which is also a National language in Kenya that is spoken and understood by many.

Being in sub-Saharan Africa where the countries are now developing, I started a foundation called CWAM Foundation [Caroline Wambui Gacheru Foundation] to advocate and lobby for green development. We empower women and youth economically and advise them on starting projects that are environment friendly.

 Due to corrupt system many companies that highly pollute the environment by using very heavy chemicals in their productions have been licensed by our government. I have been mobilizing the communities in those areas to fight for their right to good health and clean environment.

It is on these activities that I have been invited to participate as an observer in the ninth session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which will be held at the International Congress Centre, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, from 13 to 17 December 2021.

 By attending the conference, I intend to ensure that good policies are made to fight corruption and protect climate activist by strengthening freedom of speech especially in Africa. With that XR activist in Africa will have space to do their activities and expose Climate change challenges comfortably which might lead to development of sustainable solution.

 During and after the conference I will write an article detailing the conference process and the final decision on matters corruption in relation to climate change, which I will share with XR Communication team to publish. I will also share the content with the local newspaper [Standard newspaper] one of the Media house that I have been working closely with.

 At COP26 corruption was not covered though country leaders demanded climate finance, Adaptation finance but they do not channel the money to the right projects. I am working with the XR Global media group to plan ahead on how we can get the best outcome from this conference. 

 After the conference I will bring on bord 10 climate change activist Journalist, and together we will be able to inform the community on climate change and the bad decision that our government is making putting their life at risk. This will make people get out of their comfort zone and fight for green environment as they also take part in developing it by planting trees and taking care of the existing ones.

 To achieve this, I need to attend the conference in person, I am request for 1500 dollars to Cater for return flight ticket, and accommodation. your financial support will be highly appreciated.





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