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COP26 Fundraiser has been archived.

COP26 Fundraiser has been archived and is no longer active.

COP26 Fundraiser


Fundraising for activities at COP26 in Glasgow and around the world.


COP26 Fundraiser is all of us

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Why should I get my credit card out right now and make a donation to Extinction Rebellion COP ?

Good question. 
It would be easy to leave this page and not do anything. 
But we're in a crisis, COP26 is just days away and the government promises are a fraction of what's needed.

In Glasgow, those from the most affected areas must be represented, IN PERSON.
With your financial support, Extinction Rebellion COP will :
  • Give climate change a human face - We will bring 6 - 8 rebels from the Global South (£8.000 - 10.000) to attend COP26 in person. Right now fully accredited rebels from Kenya, Brazil and Nigeria are still desperate for funds. In Glasgow they will be able to tell their stories directly to the world's media.  Listening to the truth directly from those in jeopardy will give new emotional urgency to their realities and create empathy for our shared future and the desire for justice. 

  • Let the world know what's really happening (and NOT happening) at the conference - We  will create an efficient £5000 media hub in a venue close to the conference centre - this will facilitate integrating multi-camera reporting through livestreams, interviews and recordings in Glasgow, the COP26 conference and internationally 

  • Help organize genuinely concerned people - We will create a ‘People’s Pavilion’ (£3000) where videos of stories, actions and campaigns from Global South groups will be highlighted and where XR rebels in Glasgow can meet, plan and discuss.

  • Make it easy for the world to understand the difference between symbolic change and real change - We will live stream to XR hubs and social media amplify the voices and stories of the very real humans on the climate frontlines...and in turn, allow them to see and hear first-hand the politics, the watered-down truth, and greenwashing that is likely to be on show from international governments at COP26. 

"COP26" ? What's that ?

COP stands for "Conference Of the Parties".
It's the UN Climage Change Conference that takes place once every year - with almost 200 different countries sending delegates.
This year, the COP is taking place in Scotland (in the city of Glasgow).
This conference is a world-wide meeting about rapid climate change. 
It will take place in November 2021.

Why should you (or any of us) care about COP26 ?

Because biodiversity (like bees) and a livable temperature on Earth are essential for growing food. 
And we all need to eat.
Climate change is not a "green" issue any longer.
It's not about hugging trees or losing polar bears to extinction. 
It's about people facing hunger, displacement and death already. 

At the last 25 COP Climate Change meetings, our government leaders have failed to halt climate change and biodiversity loss.
This year (conference number 26) will likely be no different.
It's 2021. And we're running out of time.

The worst of this is still preventable. 
But we need to start changing. 
Now. In 2021.

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