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Free-Thinking Abolitionists Interpreting Racism (FAIR) Collective is a space where BIPOC impacted by the pandemic work in a non-hierarchical environment to develop a new national traveling exhibit about dismantling racism.


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FAIR Collective
FAIR: Free-thinking Abolitionists Interpreting Racism
Who We Are - What We Do - Where We Are - How You Can Help
Who We Are
We are mostly BIPOC, impacted by the pandemic, developing a concept for a new kind of exhibit in a totally new way: we’ve never met in person.  Working entirely remotely, we are a non-hierarchical group contributing experiences and expertise while developing new skills. We have decades of combined experience in project management, exhibit development, fundraising, facilitation, anti-racism work, storytelling and more.

What We Do
Since September 2020, we have met weekly via Zoom to conceptualize a new traveling exhibit with a powerful goal: to spark and support conversations among families about race and racism. The exhibit will explore the history, impact, and consequences of US racism through the present, on a national level, but also in each community that hosts the exhibit.

Both the collective and the exhibit strive to abolish racism and its detrimental effects by dismantling white supremacy and centering BIPOC voices. 
Where We Are
Since Fall 2020, we have developed messages and goals, brainstormed 600+ exhibit ideas, identified a narrative and emotional arc for the visitor experience and bonded as a team during unprecedented times.

How You Can Help
Our goal is to support BIPOC for time spent on this incredible project.  A previous Go Fund Me supported us for many months but further financial support will help us cross the finish line and produce a robust concept package with a conceptual floor plan, education and marketing plans, sample graphics and an outline of next steps. 
A tax-deductible donation may be made directly to the exhibit project account hosted by our fiscal sponsor, Open Collective Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
(Updated 7/8/21; LSG)

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