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January and February Updates
Published on April 2, 2021 by Marak Squires

Published Versions


Coverage reports are included in npm archive

Include only required files in npm archive

Prevent all locales loading if the only one is used

Adding weekdays and months for german and french #1092

Incorrect name generation when specifying the gender using the Spanish locale.

QUESTION: Unpacked size much larger in 5.1.0 (41.4 MB) than 4.1.0 (5.5 MB)

[v5.x] Language specific import will import whole package

Missing `hr` require in v5.2.0 #1093

Unable to use faker with Cypress

why the major version bump?

Fixing libraries for PT-BR

feat: add new phone number type in pt_PT locale

Add gendered names to tr locale

Add gendered names to pt_BR locale

Fix wrong naming of first name variables in the Norwegian locale

Allow zero as random seed

Add method to generate port numbers

Generate random vehicle vrm (vehicle registration mark)

npm package has 37MB of coverage reports published in it

fix: reduce size of the npm package

Extending NL Locale with Dutch translations for address, company, hacker, internet and commerce namespaces

Example of generating a multilevel, multilocale object and JSON document

Remove bad requires from locales/hr/index.js

Extended NL locale for date namespace: names of weekdays and months

Fix: internet email for japanese and chinese characters may generate invalid email with other locales

Add name locale vi

Add optional country code parameter for iban method

Rename nep -> ne is not a function

Adds missing `name` require for `ar` locale

Remove duplicate timezone data from locales

Feature: add http methods to internet namespace

Add Arabic Date

Adds Date.between

Using Faker with Meteor leads to ZSH Error

Adding 100 Swiss cities and all Swiss states

companyName throws error

Add hy locale

Replacement of deprecated functions on tests.

Fix: remove duplicate key for "Indian Rupee" on currency.js

Add 'fr' and 'ja' locale country names and adjust 'pt_BR' city suffixes

Fix #663


Vehicle VIN number contains illegal characters

Fix issue 1062; Add new alpha and alphanumeric functionality

Add autoFormat flag on finance amount

Add comma to thousands for

Why it doesn't install

Allow using real city names when available

French city doesn't look french

adding animal module

adding more datasets to animal module

Avatar fix

It locale names extension

Adds common first/last names to `ko` locale

fix(npm): reduce package size

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