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Marak Squires

Creator of the faker.js project. Six years experience working with Blockchain technologies. GoDaddy acquired the last company I founded. I run, an open-source microservice platform. Now working on a p2p music sharing service called LolaShare.



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-$11,652.69 USD
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-$2,600.00 USD
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-$5,200.00 USD
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$20,590.93 USD


I've joined Open Collective to help fund the open-source projects I'm working on, as well as help fund other open-source projects I depend on.

I'm a strong believer in decentralized peer-to-peer technologies, as well as the removal of third-party cloud dependencies and vendor lock-in from software development. I've spent almost a decade helping create software tools to help other developers gain the freedom they deserve from large corporations and proprietary software.