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Ecosocialist magazine, fight for climate justice, spark a revolution

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Ecosocialist magazine, 
fight for climate justice, 
spark a revolution 

This is a bimontlhy magazine that receive contributions from the frontlines of the climate justice struggle to develop a constant reflection from its members and contributors on the politics, the ideology, the tactics and the strategies followed by social movements all around the world - including the ones in which the editorial board members participate. This will be done not in a sectarian approach, but as a critical assessment on how close we are of achieving a victory, that is, of blocking climate chaos. The magazine will further delve into visions for the future, in political, social and environmental terms, from an anticapitalist and social movement ecology perspective that aims at constructing the bridges, the alliances, the effectiveness and high flexibility of social movements in our time. 

By supporting this magazine, you enable us to cover the costs of design hardware and software as well as shipping the printed editions to events.

Fight the Fire - the Ecosocialist Magazine, was first announced at the V International Ecosocialist Encounters in Lisbon, last January. This magazine is referential for the global climate justice movement and to provide essential insights into an ecosocialist revolutionary theory for our time. That is the purpose and the ambition of this publication and of this editorial board. 

The current editorial board, as it stands, is composed of:
Anabela Lemos (JA!FOE Mozambique)
Andreas Malm (Sweden)
Antonio Zambrano (MOCICC, Peru)
Alejandra Jimenez (Alianza Antifracking, Mexico)
Bianca Castro (FFF, Portugal)
Jawad Moustakbal (ATTAC/CADTM Maroc)
João Camargo (Climáximo, Portugal)
Jonathan Neale (Global Climate Jobs, UK)
Juan Tortosa (Solidarités, Switzerland)
Julie Gorecki (Canada/France)
Mitzi Tan (YACA/FFF, Phillipines)
Nnimmo Bassey (HOMEF, Nigeria)
Oscar Mooney (XR, Ireland)
Sinan Eden (Climáximo, Turkey/Portugal)

The first number will be launched in July, and it can be seen here: 

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