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I was lucky enough to come across Sasha via social media and she helped our family obtain access to my mother in law's care home in Feb 2021, after being locked out for 16 months. We were horrified to find my mother in law had been horrifically neglected with inexcusable weight loss and multiple pressure sores. Within three weeks we had brought her home to be cared for. 
I was sickened to find, through connecting with other families, that the neglect we had experienced was sadly not a one off and it became apparent that there was a systemic problem with neglect and abuse in the Care Home system and Local Authorities, the Police and the CQC were failing in their responsibilities to uphold standards.  
I hope that in uniting with other families across the country and starting this citizen led research project we can bring visibility to the issues and demand that we do better by our most vulnerable in society.
As for my mother in law - almost a year on she is doing amazingly, having gained back all of the weight she lost and the majority of her sores healed. My husband, I and our three daughters are now able to enjoy time with her and ensure she is comfortable and content.