8/19 W9 bot

The total amount of the expenses that you have submitted this year to this host exceeds $600. To comply with the IRS, we need you to send us by email the W9 form if you are a US person (a US citizen or US resident or a US incorporated entity) before we can proceed with this payment. If you are not a US person please send the W-8BEN for individuals or the W-8BEN-E form for companies. See docs for more info.

Note: if your expenses are reimbursements not invoices, please disregard this message.

This is a reimbursement.. I paid this privately on behalf of the project, hence asking to pay back to an IBAN different than the one on the invoice.

Status mentions paid, payment not received yet.

Bank transfers take some time to come through. If it still hasn't arrived in a few days please let us know.