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Bucks for Burn Out

Part of: FLOWLab

Assistance for those recovering from workplace trauma and drama, those recently escaping their J.O.B. or those who want to make an exit in the next 2 months.


We are a lifeline for our members when times get tough...and for most of our members, let's be real...that is often a majority of the time. Working for The Man is hard y'all.

We need "support" to survive capitalism and patriarchy. Support=money. Period.

FLOWLab provides emergency grants (via a to-be-co-created initiative) with member guidance and input from solidarity economy experts. We're developing our guidelines and process in accordance with best practices for a Solidarity Economy including but not limited to: responsible grant-making best practices, guidelines from our fiscal sponsor Open Collective Foundation, and the IRS's guidelines on charitable giving for emergency response and disaster relief.

Why? Because sometimes what you need for "endurance and ultimately success" is a g.d. break.


Kali Walker Quick Cash for Caregiving Fund

With this grant we will provide 2 months rent and food assistance to any member who qualifies based on tbd set of criteria. Using a VERY short form and quick approval turnaround, this is meant to be a breather for single parents or other caregivers who need to know someone cares about them, too.

This grant will provide emergency assistance to the default parent (typically moms) pushed out of the workforce or fleeing from a bad situation to provide safe, loving in home care for others.
When we have enough funds raised through this project, we'll put a call out to members, with a goal to deploy funds within 1 week.

Grant selectees will be made by a TBC committee or process and in the interim will be decided by a majority vote of our 3 administrators.

We believe in rest and reparations. If you have experienced trauma and drama from a workplace, school, or state-run institution please reach out to the core team AND your fellow members for support. 

Danielle Walker Radical Sabbatical Self-Care Fund

Our other community grant fund is to raise money for Black and Brown women who need bucks for a break and reparations for rest.

To start, we hope to provide 1 week off to members who are self-employed, solopreneurs, and who need the break before a breakdown but have no paid vacation days to speak of.

The ultimate goal: Provide 3-6 months off for a Black or Brown woman, non-binary, or trans individual who has hit a wall in their career. This is focused on anyone who experienced egregious workplace harms from systemic racism. (Note all of it is egregious, including but not limited to, sexual harassment, microaggressions, passed over for promotions,  lack of benefits, and/or wage theft and were underpaid. 

Our first Radical Sabbatical award is planned for Spring 2023, depending on how quickly we can raise funds via this platform. 


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Kali Walker Quick Cash for Caregiving Fund

With your support, we will provide disaster relief and emergency funds for members who are forced out of work to provide care at home. These funds ... Read more

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Danielle Walker Radical Sabbatical Self-Care Fund

With your support, we can make this dream a reality for anyone who is burnt out, facing daily racism and microaggressions, stuck in a toxic work en... Read more

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