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Growing food instead of lawns, sharing free education about growing your own food and seeking to feed the communities through our own backyards.


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Food Not Bombs is all about highlighting the intersection of food and community. We are hoping to take this further to include land, nature and labor in our platform, with our new network of local garden spaces. Using sustainable agriculture, we aim to cultivate fresh, nutrient-dense produce to be used in our meals and shared with our neighbors in our delivery program, all for free.

Part of this initiative is allowing our collaborative project to expand and include folks who may not have their own space or tools. Anyone can work on, learn, and harvest from our gardens. By giving the people access not only to the plants we nurse and the fruits they lend us, but also to the knowledge and means of growing food, we all get to actively participate and decide on what happens with the work and the goods.

We envision this project as a partnership with the land instead of perpetuating the agriculture commodity mindset that is rooted in imperialism and white supremacy. We defy outgrown ideas of mastery over nature and welcome an inter-dependent relationship between land and community. 
Furthermore, we ultimately want our gardens to promote education and create advocates of an anti-capitalist food system, where cultivating methods are non-exploitative, environmentally friendly, accessible, and socially just.

Together we can reject the settler-colonialist values so often found in today’s mass agriculture practices. When focus is shifted from profits, waste is minimized, Earth is not abused, and a healthy, united community can thrive.

Help us make this a reality! We are welcoming donations to be used for a simple irrigation system, a large trellis structure, and a few other essential agriculture tools. You can also help by joining Food not Bombs and volunteering in our spaces as we get them organized and prepared for the harvest season later in the summer!

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