Open Collective
Open Collective
Published on March 14, 2023 by BC

Please come to the wall and help us celebrate 1,080 days of sharing food, gear, supplies, thoughts, feelings, good, and tough times under the banner of Food Not Cops Mutual Aid. Since the earliest days of the pandemic, when the shops all shuttered and the streets went quiet, we've been out here sharing space with anyone interested in what we've been doing (except cops). We're very grateful for all who've participated in this project both at distro and beyond, and we'd like to invite you to celebrate this momentous milestone.

I'm honestly not sure exactly what we have in store, but as per usual, we can guarantee hot food and drinks, likely some supplies, and certainly many of the regular faces that have made FNC such a durable thing over the past three years. Our plan is to kick off the celebration on Thursday the 16th of March, at the Cherry St. entrance to the Marketplace Parking Garage, and follow that up with a couple special distro days over the weekend (18th and 19th).

If you're new to distro, never been, or haven't been in a while, you're especially welcome to come connect and learn more about the project. Please spread the word and bring friends! We can't thank you enough for the support you've shown, no matter your contributions, there's no way we could have done this for a thousand something days in a row without every single contribution made by every one of you.