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Tent Drive & Gear Update
Published on June 2, 2023 by BC

As I write this, the State of Vermont is in the process of evicting hundreds of people into the brutal heat. Most will have absolutely nowhere to go and will be forced to live outside, many for the first time in their lives. Thanks to your continued support, we have been able to purchase a modest stash of tents and sleeping bags and will be distributing them in the coming days. We are in no way prepared to handle the number of people that are going to need gear. This is really way beyond us, but we want to do what we always do, which is whatever we can.

So we are asking for your help to boost our social media posts and share the following graphic if you are able.



Gear Update June 2023

While reporting on a $6,000 grant we received from New England Grassroots Fund in June of last year, we were able to add up all tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads we purchased since February 1st, 2022. Although these numbers do not reflect in-kind donations or purchases involving lost receipts, and are likely very low in some categories, they do give a rough idea of the number of items we are moving to our neighbors as a result of the money you have all contributed.

Tents: 194
Sleeping Bags: 170
Backpacks: 70
Sleeping Pads: 24

We deeply appreciate you and the support you've shown us! 


Posted on June 5, 2023

hey, what’s the absolute easiest way for people to donate tents and gear? if we push to share this on front porch forum's wide net, people unaware of the cause will want an easy way to share this stuff.


Posted on June 6, 2023

Hey wes! The easiest thing on our side would be to bring the gear directly to the parking garage between 1:00pm and 2:00pm any day of the week. We struggle with storage in Burlington, but I can try to ask around for some place willing to store donations and get back to you.