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Upcoming Trainings & Harm Reduction Updates
Published on May 3, 2023 by BC

Event Safety Trainings!

We're looking forward to a busy May and have some exciting news to share. There are a number of event safety trainings coming up in preparation for the 2023 Pride season (especially People's Pride!). Our amazing comrades want to share their extensive knowledge and experience through non-violent de-escalation and stop the bleed trainings in both Burlington and Montpelier. The goal of these trainings is to build a bigger bench of comrades who can step in and do this work. And possibly even give queer leaders who have been carrying these roles across the state of VT a much deserved opportunity to just enjoy the fun events this summer without having to worry about safety concerns. Kind of looking at you straight cis people, if you're out there... But all are welcome!

The traffic team training has already passed, but there is a de-escalation training in Burlington this Sunday the 7th and another on May 21st. Stop the Bleed trainings will be held in early June.

For more info, please register here:

Narcan Distro

We are pleased to announced that Food Not Cops is now an official Narcan distribution site through the State of VT. What this means is that we will have a regular supply of Narcan, test kits, and other harm reduction items available at the wall for 1:00pm distro lunch. We conducted two Narcan trainings on Sunday which were both well attended.

Sadly there have been a number of over-doses in and around Church Street businesses recently, so our goal is to help put workers in a better position to be ready to help their neighbors if they encounter someone who needs help. Please reach out on social media or via OpenCollective email if you know anyone who is interested in grabbing some Narcan, or interested in future trainings. Remember we keep us safe! EMTs might not make it in time, and cops are near by but are unlikely to help.

Also, keep an eye out for yet to be scheduled FNC distro orientations, and copwatch trainings. Please swing by Marketplace Parking Garage between 1:00pm and 2:00pm, we'd love to see you!