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Food & Solidarity Art for Christmas has been archived.

Food & Solidarity Art for Christmas has been archived and is no longer active.

Food & Solidarity Art for Christmas


This year we are offering two different pieces of art that you can get for your loved ones this Christmas - (1) Limited Edition A3 Riso prints and (2) a bespoke drawing of your house. Funds will be used to support our activities. (ALL INK DRAWS HAVE GONE)


All works are given in exchange for donation to Food & Solidarity minimum donation per print is £15 and per drawing is £50. 

Here are more details about the two options:

A3 Riso prints by Andrew Wilson

The Act of Hospitality
Limited Edition of 50 on offer, 2x colour Risograph, A3, 2022

Artwork by Andrew Wilson
Printed by Overlay Press, and inspired by a paper written by Hannah Marsden.
The Act of Hospitality playfully illustrates the age-old practice of welcoming the stranger and offering them food, shelter, and safety.

Inspired by Marcel Mauss' famous ‘Essay on the Gift’ which argued (among other things) that the origin of all exchange lies in an unconditional commitment to another’s needs, the drawing hopes to demonstrate and support the values of self-organization and mutual aid within West End Food & Solidarity, and anywhere else we happen to find it.

Andrew Wilson is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, he is a studio holder at The NewBridge Project, a volunteer steward for the community co-operative Dwellbeing Shieldfield, and a member of West End Housing Co-operative.

Ink Drawings by Diego Garcia-Mejuto (ALL GONE!!)

Diego Garcia-Mejuto is an architect by training, but he now just draws buildings for fun. He likes cities, ink, and simplicity. See his work here!

Order this and Diego will draw your house or another building or urban scene that you choose, once you provide him with details (e.g. a photograph of the building).

This is limited to 3 total since these are bespoke drawings. 

NB. you will need to order prior to 19th December, in order to allow postal delivery by Christmas.


Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from Food & Solidarity Art for Christmas

Updates on our activities and progress.

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Published on December 15, 2022 by Food & Solidarity

£700 rasied so far - the ink drawings are "sold out"!

If you have donated to this fund already, then thanks so much – we will have contacted you separately to arrange delivery of...
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Published on December 15, 2022 by Food & Solidarity


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