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SE 101 Recording & Resources Follow-up
Published on October 27, 2022 by Mike Strode (OCF)

Thank you for joining us in our OCF workshop, Solidarity Economy 101, hosted by our program manager, Mike Strode of the Kola Nut Collaborative (coordinator), US Solidarity Economy Network (USSEN) (board member), New Economy Coalition (board member), and TimeBanks.Org (board member). 

The video of our workshop can be found here (note: breakout room sessions not recorded)
OCF would like to hear about your experience with this workshop. Please fill out this survey so we can strengthen future workshops and program offerings of our developing Solidarity School.  We believe feedback is a gift, and we’re grateful for your input. 

Resources from your workshop: 
Place-Based Homework:

You are invited to engage in this Small Group work with a group of friends or a collective of your choosing. The link to the Beautiful Solutions Cards will take you to the examples you would be reviewing. Feel free to pick any of the examples that land with you and consider what makes them mind blowing and what makes them possible.

Beautiful Solutions Cards

Solidarity School Follow-up

As part of our developing Solidarity School, Open Collective Foundation plans to host Solidarity Economy 101 workshops twice a year alongside other complementary offerings such as our Monthly Community Forum, a live Offers & Needs Market, and other workshops by partner orgs including sessions on participatory budgeting, cooperatives, intersectional solidarity, and distributed leadership in groups.

To remain in conversation with others who have attended this session or discuss other possibilities for Solidarity School, we invite you to join us on the Open Collective Slack in the ocf-solidarity-school-alumni channel.

If you enjoyed or benefited from this workshop, we invite you to consider donating to the US Solidarity Economy Network. Recommended sliding scale donation: $0-$100. Donate here.

Hope to see you again soon, 
April, David, Emily, & Mike 

Acknowledgments: The Beautiful Solutions cards we used are from the Mapping Our Futures curriculum, virtual version thanks to Highlander Research and Education Center, Beautiful Solutions (pre-order the book!), and PeoplesHub. Honoring our ancestor Elandria Williams who taught us so much and made huge contributions to this curriculum and movement.
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