Open Collective
Open Collective
We are losing our non-profit fiscal sponsor :(
Published on March 12, 2024 by Brett

Hey all,

We are very sad to report that our Fiscal Sponsor, Open Collective, is dissolving. The last day for us to collect tax deductible donations on this platform is March 15th. Please consider donating to us before that day to keep our work going strong. We use funds to purchase supplemental groceries, to-go boxes, silverware, survival supplies, and more.

So far this year we have recovered 3,237 pounds of food and made 1,656 meals for our community. We've been able to expand our capacities and programs greatly, and we rely on monetary donations to help keep our work sustainable.

We are working on securing a new fiscal sponsorship, and will update you all shortly with a new donation method as soon as we secure a good fit. Until then, if you're able to please consider donating to us before the March 15th deadline.

Make a contribution by March 15th via this link.

In Solidarity,