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We want to teach people how to create a book for free, without any expenses, using free LaTeX technology.


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by Daniel Santos

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Published on December 13, 2018 by Daniel Santos


Books have been with us for a while. They have shape our days… Some have saw the collapse and building of humans civilization, other haven't got much chance in time. The role of passing ideas into the future has been for them.

Since they have a well formatted characteristic, their are a good way of knowing a past human mind and a precious way of perpetuating thinking. A joy to make, and some, a pleasure to read.

They are also very important and powerful, at least for a worldly object. But there is one basic thing that has given them this power, and that is the ability to share it with another human fellow. That is, the sole reason for their existence.

People want to survive and live well. And for that to be achieved, we need have food, water and shelter. Nowadays, in most civilization, that translates into having money. And we are pressured to having it, or we may loose our shelter or fancy belongings. With that fear in most minds, it has made some lost their giving power. Terrible occurrence.

A person in today's world may need to make money, and if that person is a writer, means it wants to make money for his work. That has made many people that want to make a book, resort to book publishers in order to distribute their work to as many people as possible, opening the possibility for greater money return. Book sharing without getting anything in return has been greatly reduced by the 'pressure of having money'; author's having money. So, point number one is that book publishing would be fairest if stayed away from having much or few money. To address that, we have a book repository where it is free to upload and download books, so authors don't need to pay for a book publisher (or people pay to view it). Like that we have restored the 'sharing a idea' to it's original terms (these terms being: not get bound to get something in return). Since we may have to deal with books with an author, it has to be his wish to do so (sharing his idea or book).

With the today's book publishers out of the picture, we go to our second point that is the skills in order to make a book has to be limited, not by the amount of money the authors put into it, but by the the quality of his work, and willingness to make it accomplished. For that we are teaching authors to create beautiful books without any cost of production, in order for the quality of the idea (or writing) rule over the quantity of money put into the book's creation. With what we teach, we aim that author's deal with the book writing (content creation) only (and cover creation if they want to create it) and not the hole book creation aspect.

Like that we have created the possibility for books and ideas to be transmitted and created in a fair way, and also democratized it.

Now all that has to be accomplished is dealing with the 'pressure to have money' imposed in us by nowadays society in order to have a enjoyable and grateful life.

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