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The Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is the largest youth-led climate conference in the country endorsed by YOUNGO (Youth and Children’s Constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) whereby young people from across the United States are coming together to create a set of climate policy proposals shared with our national government. LCOY 2023 will be in Washington D.C. from October 20th-22nd.

Every year, the UNFCCC organizes the Conference of Parties, better known as COP. As a pre-cursor to COP, YOUNGO organizes the Conference of Youth (COY), a global event where the Global Youth Statement (GYS) is formalized and represents the demands of young people when presented at COP. Before the COY, Local COYs are held on a national level in over 70 countries. LCOYs serve as an opportunity for young activists to network, capacity build, discuss the climate reality of their areas, and result in the drafting of the National Youth Statement on Climate that is shared with national governments and incorporated into the Global Youth Statement.


* LCOY 2023 is being fiscally hosted by Fridays for Future US. While FFF US is an implementing organization of LCOY, LCOY is not a direct project of FFF US and there are many more orgs involved.

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