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Friends of Harm Reduction Works


Increasing accessibility and sustainability for Harm Reduction Works group meetings


Friends of Harm Reduction Works is all of us

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Harm Reduction Works-HRW is a fully-scripted, mutual-aid based, peer-run support groups, seeking to create welcoming spaces for learning about, speaking on, and practicing harm reduction. 

Friends of HRW is a group of HRW participants, hosts, and organizers committed to building out support for these meetings. We're working on getting large batches of the host script printed up and sent out to folks doing harm reduction outreach, covering expenses associated with hosting meetings and promoting HRW, as well as compensating labor performed around HRW as we're able.

If you'd like to get involved in helping to organize or hosts meetings, or if you already are and would like to help out with allocating funds, or have expenses you'd like to be reimbursed for (all transactions coming in and going out via this page will be catalogued here) please reach out!

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