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Producing a showcase publication for artists in Devon and Cornwall


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Frontpage/ Backpage/ Centrefold will be a publication of work by artists in Devon & Cornwall, available at each British Art Show venue in Plymouth for visitors to take away for free, from mid November until the end of the exhibition run.

We are inviting Devon and Cornwall artists to submit ‘work for the page; something that fits within the context of a book. This could be a drawing or painting, a photograph, a text work or even a graphic that includes a QR code to online work. As we can’t offer a fee we suggest you submit existing work, but you can also make work especially for the publication, should you wish.

Within the publication, we are also offering three prizes of £600 for artists whose work is selected for the Front Page, Back Page or Centrefold. 

A printed publication showcasing the work of regional artists during the British Art Show 9 (BAS) in Plymouth, including three cash prizes for three artists selected for the Front Page, Back Page and Centrefold. The publication will be available at the four host venues in Plymouth, and posted around the UK to interested people and interesting organisations. 

Frontpage/ Backpage/ Centrefold will provide an opportunity for regional artists to have some visibility within the main BAS9 venues, with the acknowledgement that a lot of visitors to Plymouth will only visit the core exhibition. It will also be a document that promotes and celebrates artists and arts culture in the region.

Artists living in Devon and Cornwall. You DO NOT need to be a member of any of the three lead organisations (CAMP, Flock South West or Visual Arts Plymouth) to apply.

This is a fast turn around! We plan to get the publications distributed during the first week of November 2022

Deadline for artists applications is 9 Oct 2022, go to link in profile for more info

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