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Fund Out of School

We give scholarships to youth facing economic hardship to attend after-school and summer programs, giving priority to those who are Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC).


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"Out of school" learning, such as summer camp, can be exclusionary due to cost and overall access. In the hood, programs like these can be a luxury. However, they are a necessity. In addition to providing access to supervision and meals outside of school hours, research shows that out-of-school programming is tied to social and academic achievement, community engagement, and pathways to higher learning and careers. 

The Fund Out of School (FOOS) collective is made of educators who are passionate about inclusion. We believe that every child - regardless of background - should have the right to learn and grow in enriching learning environments beyond the classroom walls after that bell rings. Through this initiative, we aim to directly address the opportunity gap by fronting the cost for economically-challenged children to learn what they want to learn, and uplifting their community through leadership as a result. 

If you want that for our children, hop on the Fund Out of Schools bus and let’s get it! 

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