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editeur d'un logiciel libre de gestion des identités (IAM)


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In this coming back period we wanted to share with you what our activities consist of. As you probably know, our core business is identity management.But what type of ancillary activities are carried out in a year :You can...
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Published on September 2, 2020 by mortier benoit


FusionDirectory is a modern, efficient and secure Identity Management (IAM) solution.

The scalability of the solution, 60 plugins at the moment, fine grained acl's  and its daily management features make it a software that adapts to all types of companies.

Its API allows you to write new plugins to extend its functionality and match your needs.

Its simple handling makes it a useful tool for the secretary to the system administrator.

The use of FusionDirectory is highly appreciated in Higher Education Research through the support of the Supann standard, Partage by RENATER and Sinaps by AMUE

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