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Mapping the ecosystem of projects and networks that play an essential role in transitioning to a new paradigm on this planet


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Regenerators Unite - Building a Navigation Tool for the New Earth

What we do:
A movement of innovation projects that are shaping a more harmonised world for all life on earth is forming. While we are navigating this unknown territory, we are mapping the ecosystem of projects and networks that play an essential role in transitioning to a new paradigm on this planet. One in which balance, regeneration, co-creation, and decentralisation of governance are integral to our systems and innovators can smoothly and purposefully access emerging networks to fulfill their needs and contribute their gifts to others.

The Purpose:
  • To connect new paradigm projects in the bigger story that is unfolding
  • To bring awareness to people that there are many initiatives creating a new paradigm on this planet
  • To highlight our intrinsic alignment for a new paradigm
  • To ignite new collaborative connections
Desired Outcome:
A validated system of tools & solutions with usable prototypes, concept visualisations & ecosystem maps. Outcomes are clearly communicated in a stakeholder presentation & comprehensive implementation plan.

The tools & solutions are proven to provide a motivating access path to “need” & “gift” based network navigation that enables mutual value exchange and synergistic co-creation.

The Plan:
  • Empathise by researching barriers to collaboration in and inbetween networks
  • Define the most significant needs and design criteria for the solutions
  • Co-create together with users to find and develop potential concepts
  • Prototype with key partners to synergize with communication innovations enabling co-creation
  • Test with users for ecosystem refinement and proof of concept
Watch our project fundraising presentation: [17 minutes]

Our current fundraising Goal 

We aim for 5-10 Guardians to raise a minimum of 15.000EU for the research and development of validated, implementable prototypes. We estimate a 6 - 9 month period for this R&D phase.

Our Ask from you:
  • Ideally 1500 - 5000EU of financial contribution
  • Availability for research interviews, input in co-creation and user testing (we want to co-create with you!)
What to expect:
3 interactive meetings:
  • Kickoff meeting: Meet others and share your input and wisdom
  • Midterm meeting: Project update & connections
  • Celebration: Project outcomes
What you have to gain:
  • An exciting and hopeful journey to create a purposeful personal network navigation tool to find co-creators and resources for your projects
  • A huge network of great minds to collaborate with the access to have your voice heard in the development of systematic solutions and potential business models
  • Prioritised access to Gaianet & Partners for personal interest projects and adjacently related ventures
  • Early access to powerful tools for purposeful network navigation during testing and alpha release
  • A profound opportunity for personal growth and ethical pioneership
  • An epic exchange on meaningful perspectives regarding the future of human systems & how to live, communicate & collaborate more harmoniously & purposefully
  • A shared learning experience at the highest level of professionalism paired with open, joyful hearts: we work hard and have lots of fun
  • Lot's of fun!
We also appreciate non-financial contributions such as:
  • Access to innovator networks for research
  • Methodologies and resource support
  • Investor networks
  • Partnerships and collaboration on technical development
[We have added a Supporter tier starting at 222 euro, which gives access to the research insights from this first R&D phase]

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