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1,000 subscribers on Youtube!

We finally reached 1k subs on Youtube! More content will come with time, hopefully 2023 will be a gaming year! Stay tuned!
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Published on December 27, 2022 by eartahhj


 I chose to manage a Youtube channel and a website, as well as various social profiles on Facebook, Twitch, Discord, and Odysee to create an important project.

Until now I have written dozens of useful guides that are read by over 200 people every day. The work has been going on for 4 years now, and to compensate for the time and resources invested, I have chosen to set up a donation system that was as ethical as possible, through Opensource Collective and LiberaPay, to avoid going through the usual networks like Streamlabs or others.

For these reasons, I invite you to support the project with a donation, you will help keep the website up and running and you will allow me to write content and create videos that can be useful for everyone. 

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