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Georg Zotti


Cultural astronomer



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from Georg Zotti to Stellarium

-€2,000.00 EUR
$2,132.42 USD
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-$130.00 USD
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-€2,000.00 EUR
$1,996.61 USD
Invoice #92268
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$12,774.40 USD


Computer scientist, astronomer, photographer, eclipse traveller.

I joined the Stellarium team in 2010 to make it more accurate and more applicable for research in archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy. Together with colleagues from TU Wien we basically developed the first open-source solution (or even the first at all?) for virtual archaeoastronomy research and demonstrations like the Skyscape Planetarium, a 25x4m screen background in an exhibition on Stonehenge running an automated show in Stellarium (2016-17).

Notable contributions: refraction&extinction, accurate precession, ArchaeoLines, and parts of Scenery3D, RemoteControl, RemoteSync.

Smaller improvements include various landscape improvements (fixing altitudes, polygonal landscape type, detailed light pollution/lightscape layers), IP-based and GPS location lookup, comet tails, the Zodiacal light, and many bugfixes.

I also took the lead in developing&editing the new user manual in late 2015.