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Gleamy is a customizable and highly performant React component library that allows you to easily create beautiful and engaging user interfaces.


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Gleamy is an open-source project that aims to make website building more fun and interesting. I'm tired of seeing the same old boring designs and templates on the web, and I believe there's a better way. My goal is to create a creative library and a helpful configurator that allows developers and designers to build unique and engaging websites that truly stand out from the crowd.

How Gleamy came to life
Gleamy came to life when I got my diagnosis of ADHD at age 39, end of summer 2022. Finally things started to make sense. It started when I dropped my mask and allowed my lateral thinking and randomness to roam free, rather than try to stay within bounds. I recognized that my neurodiversity was not a weakness, but rather a strength that enabled me to approach problems in innovative ways. As someone who has firsthand experience with the challenges of neurodiversity, I am determined to make the tech space more welcoming and accommodating to individuals who are neurodiverse. I want to take more steps to change things, rather than just having open discussions. This includes advocating for better support and resources for neurodiverse individuals during code reviews, job interviews, and performance evaluations. By fostering greater understanding and empathy towards neurodiversity, we can create a more inclusive and productive workplace for everyone, and we be seen as an asset rather
a problem.

The team
Currently, the team is only me, but I hope that I can includes people from a wide range of backgrounds, and we believe that neurodiversity is a strength, not a weakness. I'm always looking for ways to make our project more accessible and welcoming to everyone.

By contributing to Gleamy on Open Collective, you're helping to fund the development of a truly creative library that has the potential to change the way we interact and pique people's interest. So join Gleamy today and help me build a more interesting and inclusive web!

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