Welcome to the Glimpse Open Collective profile
Published on September 7, 2019 by Bobby Moss

To guarantee transparency the Glimpse project has committed to using this platform so you and the rest of the free software community can see how much we receive in donations and what we do with the money. That ensures you can hold us accountable and donate with confidence as we continue to develop this fork.

We will still continue to receive donations on Patreon for the time being, and periodically transfer them across, but we encourage our supporters to donate directly via this platform if they can. The benefit to you is that you can choose between making a one-off or a recurring donation, and if you are a US citizen any donations you make are fully tax deductable. We also benefit because less of your donation is spent on transaction fees, so we feel this is a win-win situation for everyone!

If you have any feedback about the way we receive and process your donations, please let us know.

As a final note: The $280 "Incognito" donation you might be able to see in our history was where I transferred all the money collected from our amazing Patreon donors (after fees) to Open Collective. I have also voluntarily donated an additional $50 to cover the fees associated with that first transfer.