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Hi! This is the Globalactive open collective.

We are on a mission to agitate, educate, organise and create.


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We are Globalactive

Imagine a group of inspired and dynamic individuals working together, sharing their passions, their talents and resources to be active in creating the world they want to live in. The type of world that celebrates diversity and honours the common birthright of all living beings to share in, treasure and enjoy the collective wealth of our universe.

Globalactive seeks to educate, agitate and organise individuals and communities towards greater realisation of their potential and encourages the utilisation of this potency towards active, constructive and positive ends for the welfare of all life.

These are significant times we live in. There are very serious problems which threaten the very future of life on this planet. Do you sense the urgency?

Globalactivity radiates…. positive mutations for self and planet!



This is possible thanks to all these people and organizations who contribute their time and/or money to support this collective. Contribute too!