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#MIBON2023 1st planning meeting of the year!
Published on January 10, 2023 by Eileen S. Ho

Yesterday we held our first #MIBON2023 planning meeting of the year! After a brief review of our MI Bon 2022 Summer Festival (an archived project of our GLTC collective here on the Open Collective platform), we selected members for our various team roles (yours truly as secretary) and explored ideas for our event planning task list.

One of our first tasks is choosing an event date! Obon summer festivals are traditionally held around the month of August in Japan, but related activities around the world are often held at other times of the summer or even during other seasons. We celebrated our first MI Bon festival in August 2021 at the Wildlife Woods Park in Novi, Michigan, and last year we had to move our August date to our rain date in September 2022 at the Novi Public Library. We are considering a weekend date in July this year with scheduling of group practices and public workshops throughout the month...stay tuned for updates on our MI Bon 2023 date and celebration venue plans!

GLTC members, please join us on the #MIBON2023 planning team if you are interested in helping shape our summer festival this year! Our next meeting will be led & facilitated by Noriko Maidens and Kyoko Johnson on Zoom from 8-9pm on MON February 13th 2023.

//Eileen at GLTC

Eileen S. Ho

Posted on January 21, 2023

Join the #MIBON2023 Project Planning Team to help shape our 2023 MI Bon Summer Festival! Volunteer members will meet 1-3 times/month starting JAN-2023. Our work and play includes coordinating and collaborating with our GLTC members and local organizations to schedule festival and related events, evaluate venues, create material for local and online distribution, plan for programming with the BBK Team and GLTC Taiko Collective, and invite participation and support from our communities.
Sign up as a Planning Team Volunteer! at (you may choose the "FREE" option as your volunteer efforts = your priceless contribution!)