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Grant #132502 to Google Open Source CMS Fund

JSketcher browser based CAD modeler.

Grant #132502

Apr 6, 2023

Request Details
JSketcher is a parametric CAD modeler capable of working in a web browser.
Jsketcher uses the industry standard sketch with constraints and feature history workflow.

Currently JSketcher can be used to create 3D models of individual parts. At this time JSketcher lacks an assembly workflow. Assemblies are required for showing how individual parts are placed in 3D space relative to one another and producing parts lists.

This grant, if approved, would be used to fund the initial effort of adding basic assemblies functionality.

Below is a link to the github repo for the project.

Here is a link to a recent build of JSketcher that can be accessed from a chrome browser. 

$8,000.00 USD

Total amount $8,000.00 USD

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By mmiscool @Autodrop3don
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