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Google Open Source CMS Fund has been archived.

Google Open Source CMS Fund has been archived and is no longer active.

Google Open Source CMS Fund


Support FOSS Sustainability


Transparent and open finances.

Balance transfer
Grant #132502
Today’s balance

--.-- USD

Total raised

$180,000.00 USD

Total disbursed

$180,000.00 USD


Google seeks to improve the web for developers and users by supporting open source CMSes.

The Open Source CMS Fund has enabled Google to: 
  • Fund projects, like lazy loading, that work to improve performance, privacy and security, and support new web platform capabilities in the open source ecosystem.
  • Sponsor open source CMS and ecommerce platforms to learn from and support their communities, share best practices and educational content directly with developers and site owners, and to gather product feedback.

The CMS Leadership Forum, a separate-but-related effort, seeks to regularly bring leaders in various CMS communities together with Google. Through periodic virtual meetups, Google aims to incite two-way discussions and share information that is relevant to work streams within the web ecosystem.

If you are interested in joining an upcoming CMS Leadership Forum virtual meetup, reach out to [email protected] to be added to the distribution list.