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Grant #63952 to Google Open Source CMS Fund

Develop a beta-version from the alpha version of LYMPHA

Grant #63952

Submitted by Rickard Hultgren

Feb 11, 2022

Request Details
Chronic diseases like hypertension, high colesterol, diabetes, long term depression, osteoporosis etc. increases in number but the amount skilled workers does not, and the new treatments that are invented are often demanding very complex strategies of healthcare.  In order to solve those problems we need new tools that are effecient and smart. The aim of LYMPHA is to exactly be that, to be the gear that moves healthcare to new level.

The Project

When I was a medical student a couple of years ago, I discovered that the flow of examinations and treatments could be presented as algorithms written in flowcharts. Just like sketches of programming code. I started looking for a programming language for medical algorithms, but couldn't find any. Therefore, I began to develop such a language as a hobby project that I call LYMPHA.  It is a simple language and the basic structure look like this:

xray. -> fracture? ;

I began coding an open source interpreter in Python for CLI that reads LYMPHA-scripts with the structure above.  It has the following features:

  • Depending on the results of patient data the LYMPHA script, the CLI command is called. This feature can be used for automation.
You can read more is about CLI interpreter in the documentation: 

Beside the LYMPHA project for CLI, I also develop an online version for producing flowchart: Another project based on LYMPHA that I develop is an Android (programmed in Python/Kivy) app. This app is in its bud. The goal is an app that explains what procedure would be appropriate to do in what situation according to a scripts written in LYMPHA:

The LYMPHA language is a very useful tool for reasoning about strategies in the tretament of pathologies, and I use LYMPHA mainly in this way in my daily work as a junior physician. There are a lot of bugs in the interpreter and the program is currently not stable, but as soon as those issues are solved, there are huge potentials of what difference LYMPHA can do for the healthcare. E.g. LYMPHA could be used to support healthcare in areas with a shortage of trained workers. The language could also be used in AI development, as well as in other types of decision support systems. But in order to develop projects based on the LYMPHA interpreter, the interpreter has to be updated. Next month I could have time to update the interpreter, but it depends whether I get financial support or not.

Besides programming, I write a blog about LYMPHA:

This is what I will do in order to develop the project into the beta-version:

  • Debugging.
  • Making every kind of patient-data-evalution work in all interpreters (the CLI, online and Android projects).
  • Rewrite the regex-recognition and update the lexer function.
  • Developing example scripts for heart, stroke and myocardial infarction. Making sure that they work without bugs both on the CLI and web project.
  • Update the pip-version.
  • Improve how userfriendly the CLI-project is.
If there will be enough time I'd also like to improve the documantation of the CLI project and make documentation for the web/online version (both films and in written format)
$3,500.00 USD

Total amount $3,500.00 USD

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