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The mission of Grace Unscripted is to extend relationships related to vocation and community. These are relationships established with individuals mentored to view their vocations and relationships as critical to community development, spiritual formation, and human flourishing. These relationships were forged in Ithaca, NY while many of the individuals scattered throughout the world were completing graduate studies (many at Cornell University). Many of these individuals now serve in strategic positions of government, NGOs, research, education, technology, and public policy throughout the US and around the world. They have been mentored to give priority to families and community, and to be attentive to the brokenness we experience in those places. The mission of Grace Unscripted is to continue these mentoring relationships to encourage these individuals in the more mature season of life and vocation to remain committed to serving their neighbors, families, churches, and communities in the many areas of brokenness and hardship (often in the experience of racism, abuse, and injustice). This commitment often finds expression through their institutional involvement especially as these individuals contribute to shaping how institutions pursue their mission. Acting on the conviction that every human being is made in the image of God and that vocations, community, righteousness, justice, and creational stewardship are essential expressions of that image-bearing, Grace Unscripted has a strong narrative character in the belief that our lives are most deeply shaped and healed as we enter into each others stories in our shared lives.