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Hardship Solidarity Fund supporting NYU Student Workers

This mutual aid fund supports student workers who face economic hardship.


NYU produces some of the highest student debt in the country. This disproportionately impacts BIPOC and international students, particularly those from the Global South. International students have fewer options of financial aid and loans and face more severe consequences when they are unable to repay debt, which can jeopardize their immigration status in the US. 

This fund is a redistributive mutual aid effort to stand in solidarity with student workers disproportionately impacted by economic hardship. We especially encourage members of the following groups to contribute:
  • people who do not have/will not have student debt, 
  • people who are or will be a beneficiary of intergenerational wealth, 
  • people who are not responsible for their own tuition costs, 
  • people who are white and US-born.
As students impacted by debt must typically make monthly repayments, recurring donations (even of a small amount) are most helpful. That said, any donation is greatly appreciated!


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