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builds freelancers’ economic power through a cooperative that provides income smoothing, contract payment-guarantees and workers benefits.



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 Guilded, a project of USFWC,  is a worker-owned freelancer cooperative designed to meet workers’ needs. Guilded furthers federation’s mission to provide national infrastructure that addresses  precarious work in the 21st century by aggregating the financial and labor power of freelancers through a platform controlled by them. Guilded serves workers with alternative employment status: freelancers, adjuncts, contingent workers, and contractors. Our expertise has been developing worker co-ops in service, light manufacturing, healthcare, and education fields. 

Freelancers deserve the benefits of worker organizing, powered by platforms designed to improve their material conditions and collective voice. We believe non-traditional workers can use cooperative models to thwart volatile, depressed or stolen wages. The USFWC is building on  SMartEU’s model, a Freelancer Co-op active throughout Europe., SMartEU originated in Belgium and has already spread to over 10 European countries. and has grown to include over 35,000 users since 1998.

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