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Niklas Haas

mpv developer, libplacebo creator, VideoLAN member



Hello! I'm Niklas Haas - also known as @haasn on GitHub.

I'm a long-time contributor to free and open source software, mostly in the video/graphics ecosystems. In particular, I wrote the video renderer for the popular media playing program mpv, and have also added the same functionality to VLC Media Player. These days, almost all of my development time goes into my personal project by the name of libplacebo, which is a reusable, modern collection of high-quality GPU-accelerated rendering primitives, with shaders and routines ranging from advanced scaling, color space conversions, HDR tone mapping, debanding, AV1/H.274 film grain synthesis, and much more.

Apart from this, I do odd commits and debugging here and there, mostly clustered around the the graphics ecosystem (mesa, vulkan, amdgpu, FFmpeg, ...), but also the usual flood of bug reports for various problems I run into in the FOSS world. (Plus some Gentoo packaging)
If you would like to help me continue living out my passion for free software, or appreciate my work on mpv/VLC/etc. and would like to support me for it, I would be very thankful to receive any contributions either way.