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Make a donation towards the general funding of our films.


The Contribute buttons below enable you to make a donation towards the general funding of our films and the day-to-day costs of running Happen Films. 

Maybe you love ALL the projects we have underway and can't decide which to contribute to, or maybe you're just keen to be an ongoing supporter of the making of high-impact documentaries here at Happen Films. Well, we love you both ways! 

Our goal is be fully funded by our audience rather than relying on income from sources that don't align with our ethics – for example, we plan to remove all ads from YouTube by the end of 2024. By contributing here you're helping us to bring that goal to fruition.

What difference will your contribution make?

When you contribute via this page, you give us the opportunity to:
• top up the funds for projects that haven't reached their goal;
• plan new films with the confidence that we'll be able to meet a realistic budget for them.

You'll essentially be giving us the security to stride ahead with enthusiasm! You'll also be able to check back in whenever you like to see how those funds are being distributed. You can change how and where you donate at any time.

To learn more about what it costs to run Happen Films on a day-to-day basis, visit the Support page on our website.

Thanks for your awesome support and for helping us to make things Happen!

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