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Harmony Mutual Aid Society

Fiscal Host: Harmony Party UK

The Harmony Mutual Aid Society does, as the name suggests, mutual aid. Put another way, we are a gift economy.


 We are Harmony Party UK's Mutual Aid Society - an assembly within the party structure responsible for organising Mutual Aid Projects of our own, and communicating with other Mutual Aid groups in the UK.

We have our own Mutual Aid Fund that we use to support Mutual Aid Projects and causes. This is separate to the Party's treasury and so will not be used to contest elections or other political activities. This Fund is fueled by small donations and 50% of Harmony Party Membership Fees.

Harmony Party, and so us included, function with completely open participation, meaning you don't have to be a member to get involved.
If you want to help us make decisions, come over to our Moot (Hosted on Discord), and join the Mutual Aid Society - we have a voice meeting on the first Wednesday of every month, but there's always stuff to organise in text too.

Harmony also hosts a sort of "Community Center" discord - The Rec - where we socialise and play games. It also has channels for mental health support and mutual aid.


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Financial Contributions

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Starts at£10 GBP


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This Fund supports those in need with payments up to £20, 1st come 1st serve - but those who have...

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