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Autumn/Winter seeds and bulbs

Reimbursement #25651

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Sep 29, 2020

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Thompson and Morgan seeds to supplement current supplies for autumn planting/early spring harvests
Date: September 29, 2020

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By Emily Connallyon
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Expenses will be used to purchase supplies to create our kits, which will then be provided directly to our families in need.

Products we offer:

Our main product is a garden starter kit. Full family kit includes containers, tools, gloves, compost, plug plants, seeds, potato bags for 2 harvests, and fertiliser. Ideally this will supplement a family's produce for about 10 weeks in the summer.

Smaller kits include are available for small households.

We also provide kid friendly supplies with decorated planters (or decoratable planters), smaller gloves, plastic/safe tools, and when possible kid friendly garden guides.

We offer indoor and windowsill options for anyone without garden space.

We also have community garden plots to supply.

We are seeking donations specifically for the following: kits, kid friendly items, hand tools seeds seedlings and plug plants compost fertiliser pots, planters, other containers canes/climbing aids fencing veg boxes/raw materials


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