Open Collective UK org

UK host for Open Collectives


UK host for Open Collectives

OpenCollective UK is non profit organisation (C.I.C.) aimed at providing support to set up collectives in the UK. The support is based on expertise and advice to run and organise any collective through the Open Collective platform

OpenCollective UK enables communities to create a virtual non profit so that they can start collecting money without having to worry about setting up yet another legal entity and accounting. All those collectives are transparent by design. This creates an environment where the community feels more comfortable to chip in and financially support the activities of the collective. It also creates an environment where each collective can learn from each other. No more silos.

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Contribution received support directly our goal and are fully transparent. Small contribution are also accepted. All contribution makes a difference in supporting our vision and providing the necessary support to the collectives.

We are hosting 8 collectives

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