UPDATE: HGSU has a new contract! However, the work isn’t done yet: Harvard’s still threatening to withhold pay, so the funds raised here will be crucial nobody has to suffer financially for standing up for themselves. Stay tuned for updates!


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This is a community mutual aid fund intended to mitigate financial strain on striking members of the Harvard Graduate Students Union during their first strike, from October 27-29, and any further strike action they take until their strike authorization ends on December 31, 2021.

Information for Donors: Do you know someone on strike or planning to strike with the Harvard Graduate Students Union but are not sure how to support them? Do you take issue with Harvard’s blatant disregard for cost of living, lack of protections for harassment and discrimination, or work hazards that graduate students face? Do you want to support a pro-labor cause? Then this is the place to donate! Please make a one-time donation below. All proceeds will go to strikers facing financial hardship while on strike.* In particular, these proceeds will be used to support strikers with immediate financial needs that cannot be accommodated by HGSU-UAW’s Hardship Fund and that are inadequately addressed by the UAW’s Strike and Defense Fund. Essentially, this fund enables strikers to strike without worrying about making ends meet!

Information for Applicants: Information on how to apply will be made available no less than three days prior to a strike deadline.

*In the event of no strike, or where the entirety of the fund is not used, proceeds will be donated to other hardship funds supporting strikers, including but not limited to UAW John Deere workers, St. Vincent nurses with the Massachusetts Nursing Association, Volvo Workers at UAW Local 2069 who were on strike earlier this year, etc.