First family is now safe! We need some more help
Published on August 27, 2021 by Lukasz Gornicki

We're happy to share with you that one of the folks and his family safely got out of the country. They are now in Pakistan. For more details, look at the tweet from Khuda.

We are in a rush to help the other person before the end of August deadline.

On the Open Collective page, you can see we collected 18 500 EURO. It is essential to know that 5 000 of this sum is a credit we got from Open Collective folks to ensure we have enough money now when needed.

The reality is we collected 13 500, and therefore we are still 1 500 away from the minimum goal.

Please share with others we still need 1 500 EURO.

I'd like to also confirm that as we stated before, every extra money will be donated to