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Mission accomplished. Thank you!
Published on September 9, 2021 by Lukasz Gornicki

We're thrilled to share with you that the second (and the last person we were trying to help) and his family managed to successfully leave the country! They are now in Pakistan. For more details, look at the tweet from Ahmad. 
We'd like to thank all of the amazing contributors (over 170!!!), people that donated, and people sharing the fundraiser with their communities. You saved 12 lives! 
We could not share too many details when we started the fundraiser. Now we think we can share more. 
Khuda, saved first, is a contributor to the AsyncAPI Initiative project (member of Technical Steering Committee) that is part of Linux Foundation. We have special thanks to the AsyncAPI community that trusted us and supported the initiative. 
On the other hand, Ahmad is a contributor to Milfos Initiative and its development efforts in Apache Fineract. Thanks to Edward Cable, we managed to promote the fundraiser secretly inside the Apache Foundation community. 
Last but not least. All of this would not have been possible without the fantastic support from Open Collective, which also supports so many other open-source projects. 
This was really an initiative of the open-source community. Thank you!!! 
Once all the expenses are covered, and we know how much money is left (probably a bit less than 3 000 EUR), we will donate it to 

Cheers and have a good one, 
Fran & Lukasz 
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