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Contributing to Heptapod has just become much easier...
Published on July 10, 2020 by Marla da Silva

Thanks to the introduction of the Heptapod Development Kit (HDK), contributing to Heptapod has just become much easier!

Since the beginning of this year, we've been using a custom modified version of the GitLab Development Kit (GDK) for most Heptapod development. However, it didn't go much beyond replacing git by hg to retrieve the source of the forked Heptapod components, and it had never been published, living as a series of local modifications to the GDK on personal setups.

This was obviously a great impediment for contributors, even though some work could - and still can - be done directly with the Docker images. With the HDK now being available, the barrier to entry for new contributors is now way lower. Time to consider contributing to Heptapod!

We encourage all interested persons to reach out to us on our Development Mattermost channel. We're eagerly awaiting your feedback!

Take a look at our blog post about it!