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Celebrate our 1st Birthday with our t-shirt give-away!
Published on July 7, 2021 by Annie

Hello from the Herne Hill Solidarity Fund,

One year ago today we redistributed our first little bit of wealth, in providing the first £50 request to a Herne Hill resident, with money given from other local residents. 

To celebrate, we’re giving away a beautiful local brewery, canopy beer, t-shirt for free. We’ll give this to the next person who gives £10 or more this month to the Herne Hill Solidarity Fund.
It’s been one crazy year. Although lockdown may be over, financial hardship is and was a reality for many before, during and after lockdown. We have about 15 people each month requesting support, but only enough to support 8 people, leaving a £350 funding gap. 

This means we are currently saying no to requests for funds. And some people are waiting up to one month to receive requested funds as we wait until the next round of month donations come in. 

If you are able to, please consider becoming a regular monthly backer, increasing your monthly donation by £5 or invite a friend or neighbour to back the Solidarity Fund too.

In solidarity,
Annie (fund admin) 

P.s We’re looking for 2 new volunteers to help administer the fund, do social media and raise funds where possible. Please get in contact to [email protected] if you’re up for helping - it’s only one hour a week!

Here's a sneak-preview of the t-shirt!