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We are a solidarity fund for SE24 residents who are struggling financially. Click 'about' to find out how we work! Click here for a how to apply video:


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Please spare what you can to help your neighbours! Suggested donation is an hour's wage. The average hourly wage in our electoral ward is £18.35, t... Read more

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Please spare what you can to help your neighbours! Suggested donation is an hour's wage. The average hourly wage in our electoral ward is £18.35, t... Read more

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£1,600 GBP since Nov 2020


£708.8 GBP since Jul 2020

catherine davidson

£520 GBP since Jul 2020

Estella Reed

£500 GBP since Aug 2020

Lily Card

£485 GBP since Jun 2020

Maria Bojanowska

£440 GBP since Nov 2020

Tom Crane

£420 GBP since Nov 2020

Rebecca Toennessen

£415 GBP since Sep 2020


£260 GBP since Jun 2020

Sharon Calcutt Cheadle

£260 GBP since Jul 2020

Ruth Donaldson

£250 GBP since Jun 2020


£250 GBP since Nov 2020

Anna P

£230 GBP since Jul 2020

Joan Serra Molas

£200 GBP since Aug 2020


£190 GBP since Feb 2021


Goose Green Solidarity Fund

£1,658.15 GBP since Dec 2020

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Lily Card


£485 GBP

Maria Bojanowska


£440 GBP

Rebecca Toenn...


£415 GBP



£260 GBP

Ruth Donaldson


£250 GBP

Eve Freeman


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News from Herne Hill Solidarity Fund

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November Update + Winter Fundraiser?

Hello all, Thank you all for being part of our Solidarity Fund! Last month we hit £8k in funds raised and distributed since we started last year! Thank you all so much for contributing to this achievement and helping keep t...
Read more
Published on November 12, 2021 by Alex Burnett-Scott

£40 not £50 & Volunteers!

Hello all this rainy/sunny week, Thank you all for being part of our Solidarity Fund! Each month we are having to say no to requests due to our limited funds. Currently we are on £0.89 and about 10 people on the waiting list. In order to su...
Read more
Published on August 10, 2021 by Annie

Celebrate our 1st Birthday with our t-shirt give-away!

Hello from the Herne Hill Solidarity Fund, One year ago today we redistributed our first little bit of wealth, in providing the first £50 request to a Herne Hill resident, with money given from other local residents. To cel...
Read more
Published on July 7, 2021 by Annie


Read our ethos and constitution here.
Read our expenses policy here.

What is the SE24 Solidarity Fund?

The Herne Hill Solidarity Fund is a community money pot for neighbours who are struggling to buy essentials. There are no conditions to apply for the fund, other than being a resident of SE24. When you put a request in, you can let us know briefly why you have requested funds and we will then approve your request. All you need is proof of address (this doesn’t need to be anything formal, just something that shows you live in SE24) and a bank account so that we know you are within the local area. If you don’t have these, contact us and we will try to help.

We know that situations change and we respect the autonomy of those who receive the money to spend it however they need. Therefore, we don’t ask for receipts or proof of how money has been spent. You can apply once a month and our fund is given out in chunks of £50.

All contributions and expenses are published on the Open Collective website, so there is full transparency of the money which comes in and out of the fund. It is possible to remain anonymous as either a backer of the fund (by selecting ‘incognito’) or as a recipient (by using your initials).

We hope that the fund becomes something residents of SE24 will be able to take ownership of, used by and belonging to our community.   

If you have requested fund, please let us know what you think of this fund and we can do better by completing this 5min survey.

Where does the money come from?

We encourage residents of SE24 to donate to our fund to support their local community, and we appreciate donations from anyone who supports our aims. You can donate as much or as little as you like, but we recommend considering it as a chunk of your total income. For example, an hours’ or even a days’ wages are a good place to start. 

We know that donating to our fund is a little different to donating to a charity, so we ask those who contribute to trust that in helping each other out we strengthen our community as a whole.

We hope contributors will create an ongoing relationship and see their contribution as a way of showing their love for our unique neighbourhood. Hence, why we refer to contributors as ‘backers’ rather than just donors!

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