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£40 not £50 & Volunteers!
Published on August 10, 2021 by Annie

Hello all this rainy/sunny week,

Thank you all for being part of our Solidarity Fund!

Each month we are having to say no to requests due to our limited funds. Currently we are on £0.89 and about 10 people on the waiting list. In order to support more people, we are considering changing the maximum request amount to £40.
This way, with approx £350 we get each month, we'd be able to support 8 people, rather than 7.
What do you think? Please reply to [email protected] to let us know if you think this is a good or bad idea.

Can you help administer the fund? Currently we are 3 or 4 people who administer this fund. It's not lots of work, but with such a small team we are unable to grow the fund. We need a couple more volunteers to keep this solidarity fund going for another year. We're especially looking for people who are willing to do some posts for us on social media, nothing too clever (even I can sometimes manage it and I don't have Insta!) 
If you're interested in administering the fund, please also reply to  [email protected] telling us how you'd like to help out. 

Thanks again for being part of this Solidarity Fund, backers and requesters - we're one year old!

Looking forward to hearing from you all about whether we should reduce the maximum request from £50 to £40 and if you can help us administer the fund.

Anni, Bec, Ruth and Lily

p.s We'd love to see this £0.89 grow into £89 or more, please consider donating, or increasing your monthly donation (in line with inflation ;)) if you can -