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November Update + Winter Fundraiser?
Published on November 12, 2021 by Alex Burnett-Scott

Hello all,

Thank you all for being part of our Solidarity Fund!

Last month we hit £8k in funds raised and distributed since we started last year! Thank you all so much for contributing to this achievement and helping keep the fund running. 

Unfortunately, we still have some people waiting two months for funds. If you haven’t already, please consider setting up a monthly donation, increasing your monthly donation to an hour’s wage (or more), or sharing the fund with friends and neighbours so we can build the funds needed to support as many people as possible:

To our requesters, thank you for requesting and please let other people know about the fund if you feel they may need it. There are also a number of solidarity funds running in local post codes, including SE16 and SE15, so even if they don’t live in SE24, there are other groups who can help!

It would be great to run a winter fundraiser over the next few months but, in order to do so we would need both more volunteers to help run it and contributors for prizes. If you’d be happy to be involved in either of those aspects, reply to us on [email protected] letting us know how you’d like to be involved!

Thanks again for being part of this Solidarity Fund, backers and requesters!

Anni, Bec, Ruth, Lily and Alex