Open Collective
Open Collective
Rabbit Hole Sunday Market Update
Published on February 8, 2023 by Victoria Austin

Hey everyone! 
Thank you so much for your contribution towards our Open Collective. Our very first Sunday Market was a blast! We are looking forward to watching this event blossom through the year :)
We wanted to transparently let you know what we have received so far through dentations and vendor fees. We had $100 come in through our vendor sign up and $269 through our donations. Woohoo! So far Nick has spent $840 on 2 months worth of flagpole advertisements, as well as, $85 worth of labor to hang up posters around town. After reimbursing Nick for his investments, we still have 556 left to pay Nick back for his generous support for our Sunday Market. We look forward to continuing to invest our income back into the Artist Collective <3

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